Anytime, anywhere – but mostly, within yourself.

So you want to feel your body. Know her depth. Experience her pleasure. Expand her magnetism. And let her lead.

Sounds beautiful, in theory…
But how does one actually DO it?

INTUITIV.STUDIO – Your safe creative space to explore Yoga (and yourself) on & off the mat. 

Intuitive Flow

flowing, consciously moving, living

Feminine Embodiment

listening, discovering, trusting


empowering, meditative and revealing


calming, relaxing, freeing

Power Yoga

sweaty, limitless, strong

Stretching & Flexibility

intention, discipline, relief

intuitivE FLOW

Many of us are seeking to move in a way that feels intuitive and free. Freedom and trust in our yoga practice can extend to other areas of life, allowing us to feel equally in control as well as radically accept all that we are not in control of.

Honoring our bodies is one of the greatest gifts that we can offer ourselves. But I’m often asked HOW? How do you practice this way? 

My Intuitive Yoga Flows will allow you to start a journey with yourself. With time, you will tap more and more into your feelings & emotions, you will learn to listen to your body, mind and soul.


Each time you are on your mat is a new expression of your practice and therefore yourself. Let each practice be a fresh start to RESET,REDISCOVER, REINVENT.


– Pre-recorded classes between 10 and 120 min. of Yoga, Workshops & Meditation

– 360° slow living workshops held by different experts (conscious eating & living tips, Face yoga, Womb healing, Ayurveda & other holistic practices)

– Access to contents for your personal growth

– 1 new video every week without advertising (not available on the YouTube channels)

– Discounts on conscious clothing brands, natural cosmetics and ECO products

– Practice from any device at anytime (mobile, tablet or computer)

– Easily schedule 1:1 private classes

– Easily access/book retreats